Take the Weather with You..

After the storms that the southeast suffered yesterday everyone's ready and waitin' for the sun!  We were pounded with storm after storm in Alabama.  Thank the Lord no one in my area was seriously hurt.  My thoughts and prayers are sent to those families that were not so lucky.  The unsettled weather, tornadoes, straight line wind, heat and humidity are the price we pay for living in the south.   The old sayin' goes "if you don't like the weather right now, wait a second, and it will change"!!

Today is calm...no white caps on the water...

My friend and me are takin' the weather with us...gonna do a little junkin' today.  I'll leave you with the music of Jimmy Buffett..."Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you..."

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


Leave your comments...hope you suffered no weather related damage!


Cutesy DIY Photo Frame

Yes, it is a "cutesy" frame!  At least my friend thinks it is sommme--thiiiiing else! I had my heart set on creating a crafty ("Crafty? Is that a word?" asked my friend.  "Well! It is now!")  photo frame for my "spots."

So I gathered all the materials I thought I might need...

I had the wooden frames on hand so my friend did not have to make them! I also had a little frame that is rattan and wicker, very natural! From my craft box I pulled out ribbon, buttons, crystal pins, beads, shells, needles and thread, my glue gun and glue sticks! Ready to go I sat down and started "playing."

And these are the results...

"Perfection!"  The seashells just looked right with the frames. I have my blog name displayed but a cute photo from the beach or lake would look just perfect!

I have these in my "spots" at Encore Resales and at Chelsea Antiques!  Can't wait to play some more, for of course I have several more frames that need decorating!

Seen any cute and unusal photo frames? Send me your thoughts!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


Window Shopping...Spring and Easter

When we were young window shopping was a favorite pastime!  After Sunday church going downtown to look at the window displays was as normal as eating apple pie! (Stores were not open on Sunday afternoons, no big box stores either!)  We would take a stroll (to walk off the Sunday dinner) around the block peeking into the store windows to see what was new! 

The displays were fantastic too! Alot of  pride and much thought were given to each window. No two windows were ever the same. And guess what?  The window scene changed each week!  Quite a bit of work for the employees but it did bring in the business for the following week!

Now old habits are hard to give up...my friend and me still window shop!  In the town of Columbiana several shop owners display their wares in very dressed up windows! 

A big welcome...

(pardon, for the glare on the windows!)

Notice how the windows are tied together with a common theme...notice the black & white tiles...

Very pretty use of colors...


Love the greens...

Hope you've enjoyed your window shopping today!  Send me your comments!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



A Leg Man, Ya Say?

Oh yeah, LEGS on the furniture...

While antiquing with my friend we are always amazed at the "legs" on the great old pieces and always wonder how did they do that!!  Just imagine no electric tools, all done by hand...truly the work of great artisans.

The arts and crafts and mission style...the Stickley design where he thought that well designed home furnishings could help "make life better and truer by its perfect simplicity." 

The "legs" not only give support to the item but also a sense of style...

The "legs" just add to the heavily decorated chest...

Sooooo the next time you are out shopping give a look at the "legs"!! And let me know your thoughts on the matter!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



RECLAIM...A Before and After

Reclaim...taking something old, not good for use, and making it usable again!  That's what my friend and me did with this buffet!  ("Did it come out of a barn?" my friend asked. "And who ordered that color in the first place?")


It had good bones...sturdy and solid.  I layered several paints!  Sorry, no specific colors as I used OOPS paints and mixed the colors until I was satisfied with the color combinations!  The top was painted a yummy chocolate color!  Then all was distressed and waxed!

 Added some new knobs and here ya go...

(the base is a little bluer than my photos are showing!)

The AFTER...loaded and ready for sale at my "spot" in Chelsea Antiques and Decorators' Mall!

(available at Cottage Chic & a Little Antique, dealer 671)

I may link this "reclaim" to one of the blog parties!! Just sayin'...

Let me know about a reclaim you've finished lately!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



A Commotion...Kindergarten Style!!

From time to time my friend and me take advantage of local and area musical and theatrical events! Last week our junkin' road stopped in to view a kindergarten play, "A Commotion in the Ocean!"

I commend the teachers who wrote  and directed the play.  This is no small undertaking!  All students went up to the microphone and proudly 'spoke their part'!  Of course the family members sitting in the audience were bursting with pride with their "small fry lookin' and doin' so well!!"

The costumes were amazing! The music was soooo cute!   (Kiddies do have rhythm!)  Of course when 5 and 6 year old children dress up and walk across the stage that's enough for us to ooooh and ahhhhhh!  But these kindergarten students really learned about their environment...the way we depend on each other, the tragedy and now the rebuilding in the Gulf of Mexico from the unfortunate BP oil spill of 2010!

Yes, There's a Commotion in the Ocean...and we've all learned valuable lessons this past year!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


(send your comments my way!)