On the Road to Key West

 As many of you already know the hubby and I have just returned from a wonderful vacation to The Keys!!
Key West is defined as an island in the Straits of Florida at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys.  Key West is home to the southernmost point in the Continental United States and about 90 miles from Cuba.
Actually standing here you are closer to Cuba than you are to Miami!!

While there we heard the locals referred to as Conchs.  Of course this made me wonder why?  Soooooo with the help of Wikipedia I have found an answer!!
"Many residents of Key West were immigrants from the Bahamas.  And many are the descendants of Loyalists that fled from the nearest Crown Colonies during the American Revolution. The term is now generally referred to all residents of Key West. Freshwater Conch is the named given to those not born there but have lived in the area at least seven years. True Conchs applies only to those of European ancestry who immigrated from the Bahamas."

Okay, enough history lesson for today!!

Traveling down Highway 1 was an experience...bridges, water, fishing...

(I think this is part of the old bridge system to Key West!)

One of the local favorites as well as for the tourist crowd is No Name Key.  Before the highway was completed the ferry loaded and unloaded at this small, out of the way key! And of course an eating and drinking establishment was needed!  Thus NO NAME PUB!!

The inside was quite fascinating...covered in dollar bills!!

Great insulation, huh??  Estimated 130,000 to 150,000 and still counting!!
No Name Key is also a great place to see the Key Deer! Small (about 24 inches in height), endangered species...unfortunately we were not able to see any...but next time...

Arriving in Key West there is soooo much to do and see!! You can ride the trams, bike, or walk. The area has a carnival atmosphere! Music, music, people, people!!  No wonder Hemingway found it a great place to write! And President Truman loved visiting so much he deemed a home The Little White House!

A rich history...


(I can see this light on my lake! I bet you can find a place for one too!!)

And I can't forget to mention the chickens!  Roosters, hens, chicks...everywhere, in trees, streets, patios, gardens, alleyways...

Can you say CHICKEN WARS??  There are many articles written about the chickens of Key West! If interested...

Of course one of the absolutely best, fantastic, most endearing, dare I say romantic, the sunsets...

I hope you've enjoyed a small part of my trip to The Keys! I've really enjoyed sharing it with y'all!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Copy Cat Challenge

Copy Cat...ummm....can I do it...do I have time...ummmmm????
After all I'm just returning from a fabulous vacay!  I have sooooo much laundry!  (That's it!  Made up my mind...Laundry will just wait!!)
But really, if I keep it simple...make it cute...I think I can...I think I can...okay I'll give it a shot!!


Using strips of paper these pretty pumpkins can be put together in minutes! (And laundry will get finished...the hubby will still have clean shorts, ummm, clothes to wear!)

First, cut one-inch strips of paper.  Form the strips into the circle shape as shown and secure both top and bottom with brads. Hot glue a wine cork for the stem. Finally add a green felt leaf and curled black pipe cleaners.

Sounds good...I can do this...

Recently, I was surfing blogland and found the sweetest decorations for Halloween that didn't use the traditional colors of orange and black. (Sorry, I can't remember the blog's name...I know cardinal sin #1...my bad!) It looked so great!

Any whooooo...I loved the new use of the colors! So classy, so simple, so stylist...

I wanted to make this challenge stylist and sleek! Maybe black and white or brown and blues...

Okay, now to get busy...ummmm...no classy paper stiff enough to form the circles...no brads...no green felt...no black pipe cleaners...ummmm...what to do, what to do?? Don't want to go to the store!  

Ummmm...LIGHT BULB!!  Blink, Blink!!
I'll use the gift bags that I'm recycling!

Digging some more in the gift stash...these bows will work!

I have wine corks!

No brads?  Glue and thumb tacks will work...or maybe paper clips...

Here's my take on the magazine copy cat challenge...

These festive colors definitely look great on the porch!

I'm happy with the outcome! And hubby is happy that the laundry is finished!! haha!!

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Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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October's Final Hurrah!!

Oh me, oh my, this is the last weekend in October! Cooler temperatures (dare I say COLD TEMPS, 39 degrees at the lake, brrrrrrr!) are arriving! And on just returning from The Keys it really feels cold!!

It also happens to be the weekend of Halloween! The time when little munchkins go trick or treating...(in our area trunk a treat), goblin parties, hayrides, bon fires, carnivals and fairs!

(photos from Disney...)
(Boo at the Zoo, Birmingham)

(The University of Alabama)

This is the weekend that is full of color and fun, excitement and screams, food and drink! A time when friends gather to share friendship!

(Better Homes and Gardens)

Yep, this is fall! A season when mother nature flaunts her finery in bold, bright, beautiful displays!

October's final hurrah!!

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Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



The Junkin' Road leads south!

Can you see my H a PP y  D a N ce???  The time has finally arrived! After all the planning and packing!  Have motor home will travel!  The Hubby and I are finally on our way to the Keys!! Oh yeah!! Oh yeah!!

One of the first stops was Mexico Beach!

This little Florida town just east of Panama City Beach has been on our must see areas for some time now! And we were not disappointed!

Located along Florida's Emerald Isle, visitors can drive down the highway and have a perfect view of the water, sugar white sand, dunes, sea oats.  There are no high rises!! There's nothing to block your view of perfection!

Located right on this scenic drive is the famous restaurant, TOUCAN'S! The hubby and I enjoyed the fresh Apalachicola oysters. Now I need to tell y'all these were Fan tas tic!!  

People are friendly!  Here's where I give a shout out to campers!  We meet some of the nicest people from all over the place!  (Talkin' with one gentleman...wellllll he had trouble understandin' southern English and we stumbled along with his French Canadian!! Yep, friendly...fun)

Oh yes I was able to do a little junkin'!!

Do you know how difficult it is to pull a motor home with a tow behind truck off the side of the road for a yard sale????  UmmHuhhh!! I had to pass up too many of these!!

Gotta go! I hear the waves lapping on the beach and the sun is shining brightly...gotta get out the beach chair, umbrella and my kindle for some ME TIME!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!!


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A Farmer's Market

Growing up in the south I've always, ALWAYS, gone to farmers' markets! Locally, Saturday mornings were the time when the farmers brought their wares to town to sell.  What items we did not have in our garden we bought at this market! My grandmother lived some 80 miles from her asthma specialist in Birmingham. Every trip to the doctor included a stop at the BIG farmers' market located off Finley Avenue! As a small child I can remember running up and down the aisles between rows and rows of fruits and vegetables! 

Today, we are lucky to have THE farmers' market to beat all farmers' markets within close driving distance!

(Anyone traveling I65 between Birmingham and Montgomery you need to stop! It's a wonderful space to rest, to eat and to shop!!)

Recently the junkin' road took my friend and me to Durbin Farms and all the wonderful sights and smells! YummmmmY!!

I will let you (yep, southern slang, let you!!lol) wander the aisles and enjoy...

Now how cool is this...pea--nuts, get ya pea--nuts!!

Great fun at the Durbin's Market !

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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