Take the Weather with You..

After the storms that the southeast suffered yesterday everyone's ready and waitin' for the sun!  We were pounded with storm after storm in Alabama.  Thank the Lord no one in my area was seriously hurt.  My thoughts and prayers are sent to those families that were not so lucky.  The unsettled weather, tornadoes, straight line wind, heat and humidity are the price we pay for living in the south.   The old sayin' goes "if you don't like the weather right now, wait a second, and it will change"!!

Today is calm...no white caps on the water...

My friend and me are takin' the weather with us...gonna do a little junkin' today.  I'll leave you with the music of Jimmy Buffett..."Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you..."

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


Leave your comments...hope you suffered no weather related damage!

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The Auction Queen said...

Hey, I miss seeing yall!! I bet it was beautiful on the lake this morning, after last night!! I hope you find some new things "when you are out junkin today"..lol Going to tannehill tomorrow, maybe I can get some new ideas!! Lana