A Commotion...Kindergarten Style!!

From time to time my friend and me take advantage of local and area musical and theatrical events! Last week our junkin' road stopped in to view a kindergarten play, "A Commotion in the Ocean!"

I commend the teachers who wrote  and directed the play.  This is no small undertaking!  All students went up to the microphone and proudly 'spoke their part'!  Of course the family members sitting in the audience were bursting with pride with their "small fry lookin' and doin' so well!!"

The costumes were amazing! The music was soooo cute!   (Kiddies do have rhythm!)  Of course when 5 and 6 year old children dress up and walk across the stage that's enough for us to ooooh and ahhhhhh!  But these kindergarten students really learned about their environment...the way we depend on each other, the tragedy and now the rebuilding in the Gulf of Mexico from the unfortunate BP oil spill of 2010!

Yes, There's a Commotion in the Ocean...and we've all learned valuable lessons this past year!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Lana said...

AAHHH, I bet it was so cute seeing all their faces as they said their lines!! I would love to have seen it!!! See you soon, Lana