Window Shopping...Spring and Easter

When we were young window shopping was a favorite pastime!  After Sunday church going downtown to look at the window displays was as normal as eating apple pie! (Stores were not open on Sunday afternoons, no big box stores either!)  We would take a stroll (to walk off the Sunday dinner) around the block peeking into the store windows to see what was new! 

The displays were fantastic too! Alot of  pride and much thought were given to each window. No two windows were ever the same. And guess what?  The window scene changed each week!  Quite a bit of work for the employees but it did bring in the business for the following week!

Now old habits are hard to give up...my friend and me still window shop!  In the town of Columbiana several shop owners display their wares in very dressed up windows! 

A big welcome...

(pardon, for the glare on the windows!)

Notice how the windows are tied together with a common theme...notice the black & white tiles...

Very pretty use of colors...


Love the greens...

Hope you've enjoyed your window shopping today!  Send me your comments!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Elizabeth Ann said...

Hi Jan,
It's been forever since I've strolled through Columbiana. Looking at these pics I think I need to change that!

Thanks for letting me window shop with you.