Couture Thrifting!

Haute couture may refer to the fashion houses or the designers that create exclusive and often trend setting fashions!

High Fashion magazines' photographs give us clues as to the culture of years past. And I have to say some of these very styles have and are making a comeback! How many of you have worn those sunglasses?!!

Trend setting beach and pool wear... ("Now there are ittsy, bittsy, teeny, weeny, yellow, polka dot bikinis!")

Now we all know about (and if you have girls have bought!!) Juicy Couture!

I must say this is excellent marketing skills!  I remember Calvin Klein's controversial ad with a very young Brooke Shields...wearing jeans! Whoop de do, what a selling point! You can check out this 1980 ( did I say 80? Yikes, I'm dating myself!! LOL ) advertising "putting the genes in jeans" by going to YouTube!

But I digress...

Couture is a business! Plain and simple...a business of designing, making, and selling of highly fashionable custom made clothing for women! 

Point taken! Have you noticed all the press Kate Middleton (England) is now getting? Well the clothing she is wearing is being copied, bought, and sold at an alarming rate!

Really she is a beautiful young lady!

But I've said all this to say...("Well, say it!", my friend says. "Stop being so long-winded!")

I looooove finding high couture (or copies of) at a discount!!  Thrifting, thrifting, thrifting!!

The junkin' road carried my friend and me to a wonderful little thrift store recently where I happened upon several items that were fashionable and at a great price!

$1.98...(needs some minor cleaning)

$2.98...can you believe it!

$3.98...maybe a recent bridesmaid dress? 

A really funny thing happened as I was walking away...I heard a young girl, may be 10 years old, say...
"But Granma, I don't have a little black dress!" 

Cute, huh? She was thrift shopping for dress-up, make believe clothing! Smart Thrifty Granma!!

Have you found any high fashion lately?

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Peach Park and Refurbish Buffet

Oh yes, recently the junkin' road carried my friend and me to Clanton, Alabama, home of the
Peach Park!

Chilton County is known for its delicious home grown peaches!  Peach farming is a big business! And the results are simply scrumptious

Each year Clanton throws a  parrr-tee! ("We like a party!", says my friend.) 

There are parades, music, carnivals, and of course peaches! And no, good, down home, southern town would be without its share of queens and princesses for the event!

At the Peach Park, photos of present and past winners are displayed! (It's really a big deal! And many people flock to this area during the event!)

The Peach Park is a destination for most traveling I65 between Birmingham and Montgomery!  Children know that this will be a stop along the way. (and don't ask how much farther?

There is a large area for running around, shopping and EATING!

Sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables are available for purchase. It's a great farmer's market!

BUT...my friend and me love the peach cobbler! And of course what could make it better than a scoop (maybe two) of vanilla ice cream! Yum, yum!

Traveling? Make the Peach Park one of your stops! You are in for a real treat!

Also, I want to share this refurbished buffet with y'all today!!  I found it for a real deal (should I say steal!!), for cheap! I know! It had to be mine! It was dirty! (Really dirty, I think it must have been stored in a barn for I found lots of straw inside! Maybe it had been a nest? Ummm?)

After cleaning, I layered on oops paint I found at Lowe's (Don't you just love Lowe's? I can wander around and around...)

The top is a chocolate brown and the rest is more a blue than my photo shows... 
I decided to use the same handles, just upgraded with a little paint!

On top, please notice the chalkboard tray I painted! I'm really loving these! They make great gifts!

Well, there you have it! Peaches and a buffet...

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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