Frenchy Becomes a Tea Table

While on the junkin' road my friend and me found this little side table with the cutest frenchy legs but a disastrous top!  I put it back trying to decide how to remake it. First thought was to just use the legs with something else. Then (light bulb!!) repaint for a fun little girl's tea table!

Getting started...

Add a good base coat of paint. I chose a bluish gray oops paint! Then painter's tape to add random ivory stripes...

I painted this wooden child's chair to match...and there you have it...tea party time!!

Of course I wasn't completely satisfied so...numbers were stenciled.   
"Why the numbers 4 and 5?" asks my friend. "Just because," I answered, "4 and 5 are nice sounding numbers!"

The photos show a more purpley hue but really the color is a soft hint of blue!

If, of course, you do not have use for a tea table then it will make a fun lamp table! So many are redoing and decorating porches now that my little frenchy tea table will be just the needed whimsical addition!

Allow me to leave you with a spot of color as we all start our weekend...

Take time to enjoy your time, your family, your friends and pass along a little happy along the way!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



Hummingbirds, Sweet, Sweet Nectar!

Time is right...time is now...to get those hummingbird feeders out at the lake!

Soooooo, out of storage they came, washed and cleaned and ready to go!  I didn't have any 'store bought' nectar so I decided to make my own!

It's really a simple inexpensive recipe: 1 cup pure white granulated sugar
                                                         4 cups boiling water
(Yep! That's all!)
                                       Mix well until all sugar is dissolved. Cool. When cold, pour into feeder. Simple!!

(Careful, if you spill you will have an invasion...an ant invasion in your house!)

I added a few drops of red food coloring to make it pretty for us humans!! (However I've since learned that it has no nutritional value and the red dye may actually damage their kidneys. I probably won't add red anymore!)

And now we wait...and wait...and there, I think I see...hurry get the camera...yep, it is...one hummingbird! Success!!

Do you know how many snaps I had to make to get one good (well, semi-good) photo of Hummingbird in flight? 100s!!

 Several hummingbirds have partaken of the sweet nectar...
Have you noticed my cute hangers?

Now if my friend and me will remember to keep the water fresh we will have hummingbirds all season!! I really need to invest in more hummingbird friendly flowers...ummm, I see a road trip comin' on!!

Have the hummingbirds visited you this season? Send me a note...

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



News Worthy Kudos

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful comments I have received lately! Since I am a newbie to Blogland, blindly feeling my way through each step, experimenting with different entries, layouts, posting, photographing (several weeks ago I had no idea a BUTTON was not something sewn onto a garment for fastening!)  I am humbled with your kind words.

But now to the news worthy kudos...

My great state of Alabama has been in the news a lot lately...mostly for the terrible devastation we suffered in the April 2011 tornado rampage. My friend and me are so thankful for all the unselfish, tireless, loving help that has been offered to the victims. As I've said before, many friends and many areas were affected that are still so close to my heart.

However today I want to share a little happy...  (a long overdue post that took second fiddle to the storms!!)


One of my "most favorite" mags! (even though they've revamped, restyled some sections!)

If you are a 'Southern Belle', or have your heart in the South, or stepped your foot in the South; then "Southern Living" is a must read!!

And Southern Journal with Rick Bragg lets you experience places that maybe you've visited or wish too...

 Imagine my surprise when I opened my May issue and discovered my hometown, Winfield, Alabama, had been featured!! WhoooHooo!!

That's right, featured for yummy, good, traveling food!  You can stop for a fill 'er up car and folks all in one swoop!!  (Highway 78 is known to locals as Corridor X and soon to be I22 when it is finally connected from Memphis to B'ham!!)

Thank you Rick Bragg!!

Another favorite magazine is...

BHG has the feature "I Did It!"(another one on the back page!!) written by Lisa Mowry. Thank you Ms. Mowry!

And the spotlight was given to a Winfieldlian ("Is that a real word?", my friend asks.) Okay, a hometown lady! I've known the family (grandmother, aunts, father, mother, sisters; you get the idea!) for ages and Vanessa is sooooo talented!

Not only talented but a beautiful young lady and a very happy married couple...(Did you notice husband and wife always make time to reconnect over dinner at that table? A very important time...)

Well as you can see from my outpouring of praise I am ecstatic about the recognition given to our little area of NW Alabama!

If you live or traveling along the roads of small town America share with me some of your little happy...
I so enjoy reading your comments!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!