"Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey..."

Along the junkin' road my friend and me find many items that tug on the heart strings...allows us to remember long forgotten items from childhood...items that have been restyled, recycled, reclaimed"Gonna take a sentimental journey...to renew old memories..."

Those things that make me cry out...I spent many long nights on a "rotary dial" phone!! ("Looooong before 'texting' was in our vocabulary," my friend says)

Quilts from my Mema's...ahhhh the wonderful memories of pricking my fingers trying to get the stitches small enough!!  And now recycling old quilts for pillows! (These were in my "spot" at Encore Resales but have already sold!  Yaaaay!!)

My friend found this clever use for an old cart...

 (Elizabeth Ann's in Encore Resales)

Tables...beautiful old lumber reclaimed...

(Cottage Chic & a Little Antique in Chelsea Antiques and Decorators' Mall)

"Gotta take a Sentimental Journey...Sentimental Journey Home"  (sung by Doris Day)

Have you been on a sentimental journey lately?  Please share! 

Have a Blessed Day!!  And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Elizabeth Ann said...

Hi Jan,
It was great talking with you and "your friend" yesterday. Hope you got everything done you needed to get done.

You are correct about somethings we run across bringing back memories. Mr. EA and I were in Maplesville today and it reminded me of being in the little bitty small towns in Oklahoma where my mom grew up. Even though all us cousins are all grown, our children are about grown and there are grandbabies coming, grandpa and grandma are gone it is still a special place for me.

Thanks for showing my booth at Encore!

Elizabeth Ann