Old Wicker, brings to mind...

I have a love for old wicker!  It reminds me of many happy days spent at my grandparents' home.  My friend will tell you quickly that I can not pass up a piece of wicker anything; especially if it is a good buy!!  I have in my possession an old wicker loveseat that belonged to my grandparents and an old wicker rocking chair that once sat on the front porch at my great-uncle's home!  (there's that pack rat tendency coming out again!!)

Imagine my excitement (giddy that's the word for it!) when last winter I found three pieces of cane and wicker...two chairs and one loveseat!  So I stored them over the long cold, rainy, snowy winter and waited!  When the warm temperatures appeared recently I brought them out, spruced them up with paint and new pillows and was ready to put them out on my porch!  Oh no!  That was not to be...for you see I already have a porch packed with wicker, iron and glass!!  No more room!  (imagine a really sad face here...:( ...)  Soooo

I placed them in my "spot" at Encore Resales...

Pretty huh??

It was with a mixture of sadness and happiness when I received the call...your wicker has sold!!!  Oh well...the HUNT is on, my friend!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!  And see ya down the junkin' road!!


(soooo enjoy reading your comments!)

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