Ring, Ring,...Yesteryear...

There was a time when a RINNNNNNNNGGGGGGING sound echoed throughout the house! One (that's right 1) telephone, to be shared by all family members, was centrally located. In my childhood home the phone was situated in the hall in a nook in the wall. ("Am I dating myself?" Oh yeah...)

Many of you may remember the old black and white television shows depicting homes where the telephone was located just inside the front door. (maybe for easy access from the front porch! just sayin'...) I've always thought the tables and benches the phones rested on were so cooool! ("Cool? my friend asks. 'Oh yeah', I'm dating myself again")

Imagine my excitement to find this gossip bench to refurbish! It was in pretty rough condition and needed a little TLC ("rough condition, says my friend, are we talking about the same piece?") I'm sorry I don't have a before photo but just look at the results!

This bench can once again be a place for many young girls to sit for hours and gossip about all the exciting things that young girls now find exciting!! (Of course the phones are now cells, the radios are now Ipods, the 'talking' is now texting...you get my drift!) But this gossip bench can find a new place of honor in the home.

Gossip bench is displayed at Vendor #671, Cottage Chic & a Little Antique
Encore Resales, Pelham, Al.

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!

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