Put a little "pop" in your home decor by arranging in vignettes! You can add groupings on top of tables, shelves, mantles or any flat surface.

Recently on one of our journeys, my friend and I hurriedly stumbled (it was raining!) walked into a new consignment store and was amazed at the tablescapes and vignettes that had been created!

Love it!!

The use of color is one way to achieve a pleasing look in your home...

Try it...start with an uncluttered surface, and start placing items, rearrange until you have an end result that makes you say "ummmmmmm! oh yes!"

It has been brought to my attention that "my friend and me" is NOT being used grammatically correct! (Imagine that from a retired educator...but my blog is titled "my friend and me " I say; makes no difference...) SOOOOOO I will try to be more correct!! Gotta go! (I know, I know, not a word...) My Friend and I have to "refurbish" a cabinet we just picked up!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!

(Thanks to all who are commenting on my new blog!)

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Elizabeth Ann said...

Hi Jan,
I didn't know you had a blog! I've been looking around and it's great.

I saw your friend bringing some new pretties into Encore yesterday! I'll check it all out today.

Okay off to become a follower.

Elizabeth Ann