Painted Chic Furniture

Today so many furniture makers are featuring painted, distressed, chic furniture! And I too love this. When a distressed piece is mixed in with my original antiques it's the look I want now!

Reclaiming a scratched and nicked (in used condition) chest with paint is a joy but also hard work! (It's like the "Oh Yeah" feeling a teacher has when that ~hesitant~ child finally learns the concept you are trying soooooo hard to teach!)

First, the piece must be good! By this I mean sturdy, preferably solid wood, without too much damage. Then deciding what and how to refurbish it takes some thought. (sometimes my first attempt does not end in the results I want!) I try to rely on others' advice and experience for some of this but more often just trying a technique with mistakes and all will give me the look I want.

Sharing photos of painted, distressed, chic furniture of others handiwork...

Hand-painted flowers, lovely!

Glass knobs, too cute!

Like the color!

I'll share more photos of my friend and me experimenting refurbishing furniture later!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!

(Share your stories of painting!)

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