I've Got That Nesting Feeling, Ohhhhh!!

Ideas come from everywhere...reading magazines, blogs; shopping furniture stores, antique markets; flea, yard and estate sales! We are looking for ways (and often cheap cost saving ways!) to make our home and spaces more comfortable, more desirable!

This time of year, spring, brings that feeling out in me!

As you know I have a "spot" in the Chelsea Antiques' & Decorator's Mall. I've loved shopping there even before I moved in! You can find some great stuff to decorate your home and garden!

Can't you see the words "DO EAT" on a wall in your breakfast area? It would make for quite the conversation starter and maybe, just maybe, encourage kids to try new foods!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!

(Visited any new spots lately? Share with us & leave a comment!)

1 comment:

Lana said...

Jan, Love seeing all the cool things at Chelsea Antique Mall!! Hope to see you soon......