Another Movie Review

I know, I know! Another movie to blog about!! But seriously, this is one that is soooo cute! 

Joyful Noise—movie review

While the hubbys were playing music we, the fabulous wives of the music making guys, decided to have a girls' night out... to watch a fun movie!

Now what can be more fun than a night out with the Queen?      Latifah that is!

Hello Dolly....Dolly Parton!

"The small town of Pacashau, Georgia, has fallen on hard times, but the people are counting on the Divinity Church Choir to lift their spirits by winning the National Joyful Noise Competition. The choir has always known how to sing in harmony, but the discord between its two leading ladies now threatens to tear them apart."

Combining country music and hip hop royalty... Latifah and Dolly

This was a fun time for us girls!  But as usual the reviews were mixed...from one end, "this falls flat" to the top, "the best role of Queen Latifah's life."

Now you decide!
I recommend it for a great couple of hours of laughs, a few tears, good music and just plain old fun!

See ya down the junkin' road!!



Daffodil Hill said...

Love these two women! I plan to check it out. Hope you're having a great week.

CHERI said...

Haven't seen this one yet. I've always liked Dolly...however, I saw her recently on TODAY and I think she has overdone it with the plastic surgery. Her face just doesn't look right...and I've always thought she was pretty, no matter what size she was. I definitely want to see this movie though cause I'm a GA gal myself!

Cindy said...

What could be more fun than a night out with the Girls? I will have to check it out. Have a great week. XO Cindy

Candy said...

I'd heard this was a really fun movie. Sounds like I need a girls' night out. Thanks for the review.

Jann Olson said...

Hi Jan,
I thought that this movie looked cute. I definately want to see, but yes; probably more of a girl movie.