Gift-Away Winner

Announcing the winner in the 100+ gift-give away...


Diane please contact me with information so I may send you Southern Lady!
(no compensation received by Southern Lady or Southern Progressive)

Again thank you to all my friends!

When I started this blog it was with the encouragement of the hubby.  Who knew anyone would enjoy reading the escapades of a junkin' girl raised in the south!  I wanted to share our travels, our passion for antiques, the trials of reviving an old piece of junk, our interest in music, new found places, foods, restaurants, basically our love for life! I have loved the journey and my hope is you have too!

I've made new friends all across the world.  I've shared their interests and got a peek into their lives too!  I've joined parties and magazine challenges.  I've looked at the world around me in new and exciting ways.

Please continue to leave me those little comments that I so love to read.  Continue to travel with my friend and me as we go down the junkin' road!

Have a Blessed Day!!


(loving this gift-give away...more to come!! LOL)

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Barbara F. said...

Hi Jan, this morning when I logged on to Blogger I saw about 24 posts from you that I had not seen previously, going back to OCTOBER! I also missed the giveaway! Happy to see that Diane from Tablescapes by Diane is the lucky winner. Blogger needs to really get a grip and work out these quirks!!! Happy healthy New Year to you, xo