Tweaking the Blog!

Please be patient with me! I'm experimenting with different looks for my blog!  I am trying to make it attractive and user friendly! I'm also trying to make a blog button!! My friend says I need a blog button for dummies guide and that's RIGHT!!


(drumrooooooollllll please!)  S U C C E S S!! (Happy Dance!!)  I DID IT!! ME, ALL BY MY SELF!!! WhooooHooo!  I created a button!!

I knew I could!  I just kept running into brick walls! Finally I found someone who delivered complete (most important), concise, user friendly instructions! You must understand even though I am a retired educator I am really computer illiterate! Remember the first computer I studied on took up the whole room and used cards!  Yes, now I  have a desktop and a laptop and I do have an IPhone but  I really need instructions sometimes!!

Thanks so much to:  Gail at "Sophisticate Steps" for the wonderful help! And when I can I plan to add her button to my blog! But for today this is all my little brain can stand!

Now I'm going to sit on the dock and watch the sunset!!




~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
I see you have a new Blog good for you!!! Im also new with my Tablescapes on Sept of 2010 was my first post. I did not know to much about having a Blog~~~ I know is it takes a lot of time and work sweet lady. But you will have so much fun ~~~~I would like to thank you so much for your lovely comments !! Im your newest follower on your Blog. Im going to put you on my sidebar so others can see you.I also hope you and your lovely family have a Great Day.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Oh, look! You did it! Feels good, huh? :)

Thanks for the acknowledgement. Appreciate it!

Sophisticated Steps