Plants, Plants, and More...

We need tomato plants for the garden.  We need to plant the tomatoes now!  So the junkin' road carried my friend and me to a local nursery.  We love, love, love  this place. They always have the best assortment of bedding plants, hanging pots, shrubs, vegetables; you name it! 

Colorful petunias...

My grandmother always thought a house was not truly a home unless there were flowers in the yard.  Sadly I do not have the "green thumb!"  But I have taken her advice and try to plant things that require little to no maintenance!

They were unloading a truck when we arrived and the the place was packed with new plants. My friend and me wanderd around for quite sometime just ooohing and aaaahing over all they had to offer! 

We had an idea of what we needed but there were soooo many pretties that we wanted Decisions, Decisions... (lightbulb going off!!)...DUH, of course we left the nursery with a truckload!

The "Kimberly Ferns" do great for me. They are able to take the heat and sun and I don't usually burn them up like I have been known to do to a "Boston Fern!"  Yep, into the truck went the 'Kimberlies'!!

These New Guinea impatiens were so colorful I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted, soooooo I came home with this color AND the prettiest salmon color.

Also into the truck went some more flowers and of course, we really didn't forget, the tomato plants!

My pansies are still very pretty since we've had some cool nights lately. And they look very pretty in the pots! (and I  really hate to pull them up when I've actually not killed them!!)  But the weather forecast for this week is summer like temps nearing 90 degrees!  I guess I will just have to replant those pots with something, ummmm... you know what that means?...another road trip to the nursery! Yea!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Liz- said...

Hi- I enjoyd reading several of your posts! I am a flower nut too! Looks like you have a lot of fun down there in Alabama! I was amazed at those bird feeders as you entered that estate sale...I've never seen anything like that! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Liz