Good Eats...on the junkin' road!

My friend and me spent a productive day fluffing, adding and arranging in our three "spots"! Ya know when one item goes out another will never fit in its exact place!!

All this working made us very, very hungry! We decided to try a new place in our area; "Joe's Italian", a locally owned and operated neighborhood restaurant. And, what can I say...DELISH-O!!!

My friend and me ordered one of the daily specials. It comes with a choice of soup or salad...

Sorry, I didn't get a photo of the bread basket! (it was refilled twice...what can I say, we had really worked hard all morning...)

And yes the main course was as delicious as it looks...

Sadly there was no more room for 'Mamma's Dessert'! But the choices were heavenly; cannoli, Italian cream, zebra cake, and the list goes on! Weeelll, there will be another day...

If you ever find yourself in the Alabaster, Alabama area and looking for excellent Italian food then head on over to Joe's Italian. Check out their website: www.joesitalianonline.com

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


(Have a favorite Italian spot, food? Share with us! Thanks!)


Elizabeth Ann said...

Oh Jan, y'all should have made room for the zebra cake, it is to die for and I'm not a big desert eater! I can make a meal on just the olive oil dip and bread!

I just realized that I have neglected to put you in my blog roll. Going right now to remedy that.

Elizabeth Ann

Marsha said...

I think I ate at Joe's a couple of years ago. It was very good.