Auction Lingo!!

All auctioneers have their own way to run their auctions. And if you go to the same one over a period of time you learn their special ways! However it seems all are auctioning off what has become known as BOX LOTS!!

"Oh yeah, those items that are grouped together in boxes!" (Simple, huh, box lots...items placed in boxes to sell!!)

Now most of the time these items are "junky" ones that would not bring much if it were to go up for bid by itself. BUT, place a grouping of those "junky" items in a big, ole, BOX and there you have it... hands start going up to get the bid!!

'Sellers' (the ones who are offering their goods for sale!) try to make their box lots look enticing by placing one or two 'GOOD' items in each box! Notice the blue bowl peeking out of this box! Now could that be 'Fenton' or 'Cambridge'?

Many boxes are filled with books...hardcover, paperback, sheet music, magazines...

If a buyer takes the time and does not mind 'digging' through the boxes then TREASURES can be found at the auction!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


(Have you found any hidden treasures lately? Love to hear from you!!)

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