Favorite Auction House...

Even though the weather looked a little "IFFY" (that's southern slang for beware "StORmy WeaTHER...!") my friend and me decided to spend the evening at one of the area's auction houses. My friend says it is the best FREE entertainment, IF you don't raise your hand! Just to sit back and listen to the auctioneer sing his song; "whatdayagive,hundred,twenty-five,five,five, NOW fifty,fifty"...see the intense rivalry between TWO bidders aiming to get the prize with a raised hand, or nod of the head, or tweek of the nose...Ahhh, the entertainment is differently there!

As expected the house was packed with treasures!

And PEOPLE...looking in boxes, under tables, behind doors...testing the wares!


At the auction surprises are always in store for the alert bidder...

Happily, my friend and me left the auction with several GREAT FINDS! But that will have to wait until another post!

Have a Blessed Day! And see you down the junkin' road!

(If you have an auction house experience please leave a comment! I would love to hear from you!)

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dicienan said...

Hey Jan, I love hearing about your wanderings off in junk/antique land. Ronnie and I like to take off on an overnight trip or unplanned get away to Tenn or somewhere to hunt out antiques. I have a hard time getting around so I plan to "shop" thru you, if that's ok! lol (he even bought me a scooter at one such outing but it doesn't work right now) Have enough fun for all of us. Thanks for doing this, and good luck!