Black Friday


Let the fun begin...

so your Christmas will look like this...

Have fun all you shoppers...
I think I'll just sleep in...
See y'all down the junkin' road!!


Howdy! I'm Back!

Minnie Pearl always said..."HOW  DEEE!" Always happy to see old & new friends!


And when introducing Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show,
Ed McMahon's famous words  were...
"HEeeeeRrrrrE'S ...Johnnnnnnny!"


Wellll, my friend says...
(I took a little liberty with that one!!) But I hope y'all haven't forgotten me or my blog!

I say all this to say... "I'm Back!
  And I'm so happy to be sharing again with all of you our adventures!

"Well where have you been?" you ask.

Nowhere, Everywhere, All Over!!
I didn't mean to take a vacay from blogland for sooooo long!

"What have you been doing all this time?" you ask.

Nothing, Everything, Busy, Busy!! 
You know sometimes "LIFE" just gets in the way! This time all has been good! We've traveled.
We've played. We've had fun together! We've celebrated 39 happy years of wedded bliss!
There's been family time, friends time, kids time, nap time...time, time, time!!
And along the way there's always been MUSIC!! And of course JUNKIN'!!

I hope you will follow along with our Adventures in Southern Junkin' as my friend and me continue to craft, create, redesign, re-purpose and share our junkin' finds!

Now since it is October I want to share my tablescape for Halloween...

I picked up the sign last year and have used it in our motor home too.

 The monogrammed pumpkin was a find at Pier One when we were at the beach this year.

The little wooden bucket needed something else so I added the funky flowers.

The cart has been hanging out on the porch and with the weather changing from hot to cold, fresh flowers just won't last! Besides that it adds a little whimsy on the porch!

Blessings...And see ya down the junkin' road...

My thoughts and prayers are with those on the East Coast and Inland
as they prepare to rebuild from the devastation left by the fury of Hurricane Sandy. 

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Kentucky Derby Hats

 (photo Churchill Downs)

My friend and me aren't going to the races...no Churchill Downs...no Louisville...no runnin' for the roses...no Kentucky Derby...no celebrity watching...

 (Famed actress Claudette Colbert attends the 1950 Derby. Photo: Churchill Downs-Kinetic Corp)

BUT...we can have our own party...watch the horses on television...decorate with flowers...AND design our derby hats!!

(Frank Couch)
Wearing hats at the racetrack is as much a tradition as serving mint juleps and singing
 My Old Kentucky Home...

Designing hats is a foreign experience for me.  Hats are lovely.  I wear hats in winter to protect from the cold wind.  I wear hats in the summer to help shade my face from the intense sunshine.  But, never, no, never, have I designed a Kentucky Derby Hat!

So I needed a little inspiration...


 (photo Churchill Downs)
(photo Churchill Downs)
  (photo Churchill Downs)
(photo Churchill Downs)
   Hats and horses...there seems to be a love affair...    Is there a song hidden somewhere in that line?
Overflowing with inspiration, my friend and me MUST get down to designing our own...because as y'all know the races are about to begin!!

See ya down the junkin' road!!


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YUM! Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

 That's right! Yum! Vanilla Brown Sugar 'Scrub'??? What???  
This vanilla brown sugar is not, I repeat, NOT to eat!! 
This scrub is 
to use on those rough, dry elbows, heels, hands to help turn them into soft and lovely for the summertime!!  
(Do I sound like a radio commercial?!!LOL)

I needed a little gift for my sweet friend and wanted it to be personal. So off to my stash of ideas...

Some time ago I found these cute small jars at Hobby Lobby. At the time I didn't know how I would use them. Now they are just perfect for this craft!

The ingredients were in the cabinet...

Now, I ask you...what can be easier???!!! 

And I wish I had 'smell-i-vision' because this just smells soooo yummy!!

While out thrifty shopping I had found several spoons with the brown handles. Again I had no earthly idea why I was buying them! LOL  I just knew the bargain was too good to pass up! 

I just love it when it all comes together and looks like I had planned it all along!

Very nice gifts for Mothers' Day...
a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them...handcrafted is special...

The 'scrub' makes great end of the year thank you gifts for the teachers!
(and will fit within the guidelines of the Alabama Ethics Rule)

Ingredients: brown sugar, granulated sugar, oil, vanilla

I packaged mine with a handwritten tag, a bow of white tulle, added the spoon for convenience and  
there you have it...sweet gift for that special someone!

I found several ideas for additional 'scrubs' I plan to make later this year!  
Have you tried any lately?

See ya down the junkin' road!!

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French Style Confession Time!!

What can I say?  I love chairs!  Yep, I admit it!  I love chairs!
And lately I'm drawn to the...dare I say...French inspired!
Not only chairs but any item that resembles Frenchy!!

I know, I know...is it a sickness?  The only cure that I know requires some shopping...
( well really a lot of  LOOKIN'  ) ...a J-GRITS must have a plan!!

 For example take this French Gold Chair...the fabric against the gold frame is just eye popping!!

Or this shiny white leatherette studded armchair...

Constructed in North Carolina the Cora Chair...

 Check out this wonderful remake...

Many of you out in blogland have restyled and reclaimed so many wonderful 'frenchy' things and this chair represents just one!   I couldn't list them all but do not fear I have looked at several!
(say hundreds, no thousands)

 Oh yeah, about my addiction...
Shopping at our local Home Goods... 
(Don't y'all just love HG? As my grandfather use to say 'you could lose a crop in there',  
meaning I spend way too much time in that store!)  
...I found several French inspired thingys...

Notice the nailheads...
Covering a box...
And the sides...

Another side...

Well I have the inspiration.  Now to find the perfect item to restyle.  I've looked through my stash and nothing 'hits me' as the ONE! Does that mean more shopping?  Yes, I think so!

Need to stop by my local fabric store...

How about y'all?  Do you have a 'confession' to make too!!

See ya down the junkin' road!!


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Just a Swingin' on the Porch

Second verse, same as the first

Earlier, I shared gorgeous porches that were featured in one of my favorite magazines, Southern Living magazine.  Today I will feature some of the swings that make porch living absolutely fantastic!

(photos from Southern Living magazine)

Notice all the comfy pillows too!

Extra long custom made swing...invites napping too!

Notice the brick floor...love the mantle!
Adding the perfect rug...
Screened in comfort...
Swings...a must have on a porch!  I'm toying with the idea of adding a swinging bed to our porch!  Now to get the hubby liking that idea too!

See ya down the junkin' road!

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Carved Bench

While out junkin' with my friend we spotted this bench sitting outside a business. SREEEEEECH, TIRES SQUEALING,  ALL MANNERS OF 'HAND' WAVING, PEOPLE SHOUTING... we turned that car around and headed over to the parking space!

 Now really this one is a show stopper...or in our case a car stopper!! Notice the marks...the scroll...the chippy goodness... Ahhh I just knew the perfect spot where this little jewel would look perfect!

 I wanted  it to go home with me but the owner said no!  It was a great space for the husbands to sit while their wives shopped!

 Wide, comfortable, restful...

Now we're off again to look for another bench!
How about you? Have you found a 'show stopper' lately?

See ya down the junkin; road!


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(It appears my posts are still not showing for many of my friends.  It is telling me my last post was 1 week ago. I'm at a lost as to how to fix this problem. This is so frustrating! Now back to TRY, TRY, TRY  Again!)


A Man Condemned to Die on Calvary

"Down the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem that day
The soldiers tried to clear the narrow street
But the crowd pressed in to see
A Man condemned to die on Calvary
He was bleeding from a beating, there were stripes upon His back
And He wore a crown of thorns upon His head
And He bore with every step
The scorn of those who cried out for His death

Down the Via Dolorosa called the way of suffering
Like a lamb came the Messiah, Christ the King,
But He chose to walk that road out of
His love for you and me.
Down the Via Dolorosa, all the way to Calvary.

The blood that would cleanse the souls of all men
Made its way through the heart of Jerusalem."

Have a very blessed Easter weekend!



The Revival of Mannequins & I've Been Featured

Recently I attended a party featuring mannequins. (You can read about the story, here! )

I dressed my vintage manny, Miss Lucy Louise, in vintage white, flowers and pearls!

(Oh yeah I had several "looks" as people 
drove by and wondered just what or who was on the boat dock!! haha)

It was so fun to design a costume for Miss Lucy Louise! Now she displays the numerous pearl necklaces that I've acquired either from family or estate sale-ing!  It is amazing how jewelry is always available at these sales!  And talk about reasonable! So many strands of costume pearls...and of course the real deals too!!

Then my friend and me were shopping a local antique mall and spotted several mannequins.  All were old and just a tad eccentric...

There's the 'red hat' lady...

And the 'masked' head...

I can't leave out the 'painted face'...

And the 'fur wearing grand lady'...

The 'red coat lady' not to be confused with the British soldiers during the American Revolution...

What about you?  Have you jumped on the manny wagon?

And I was featured...Share Your Cup with Jann  for my story on Made in the USA, Toys !
 Thank you Jann!
Go visit with her and check out the wonderfulness of her blog!

See ya down the junkin' road!!


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