Candy Pinks

It's spring!  Romance is in the air! Several weddings are planned including these two...our fabulous nephew's and also #1 son's childhood friend! Soooo, I'm in the pink so to speak! I thought you would enjoy a few photos from Martha!! (That's Stewart, Martha Stewart!!)

A Brilliant Bunch...

Antique Romance...

English Roses...

The Fullest Blooms...

The Beribboned Bouquet...

Blushing Beauties...

Sweetest Sweet Peas...

So pretty!! Hmmm, I may just use these ideas for my own tables!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


Partying with...


Maid from Movie, "The Help", Honored

One of Alabama's native daughters received an honor this week...Octavia Spencer!


Oscar award winning actress Ms. Spencer was honored by a joint session of the Alabama Legislature and Governor Robert Bentley declaring Octavia Spencer Day!
 The actress, who won this year’s best supporting actress Oscar for her performance as a maid in “The Help”, appeared very pleased with the honor.

(Beverly S. Taylor)


The Montgomery native arrived for the ceremony in a pink limo and was serenaded by her alma mater, Jefferson Davis High School's band!  She attended Auburn University at Montgomery and Alabama State University before earning her degree from Auburn University. 

And I understand there were a few 'War Eagles' shouted! 
(for those out-of-state folks, 'War Eagle' is commonly yelled to show support of Auburn University, especially shouted at their sporting events! LOL)


(Beverly S. Taylor)

(The Birmingham News)

"I’ve always dreamed big," she said. "I always signed yearbooks with the Hollywood sign on it. I didn’t know how I would get there, but that’s what I wanted to do."

"We were very impoverished growing up," Spencer said, "but my mother always believed in excellence in education, and reading, writing and arithmetic — and dreaming."

"I remember her telling us, ‘You can go anywhere in the world in a book.’ And I rolled my eyes and thought, ‘Well, can’t we just go anywhere in the world in a car?’
by Bob Carlton, Birmingham News

(The Birmingham News)

(The Birmingham News)


(movie role)

Octavia Spencer, proving your dreams can come true!

See ya down the junkin' road!!


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Made in the USA...Toys

While out on the road we found a great mall with lots of toys!!  Now I'm not talking about computers, Nintendo, game station...but TOYS, made back in the day...when kids played in the dirt...built roads and bridges out of sticks and stones...played dolls...played outside until dark...another time, another place...when no one was a stranger...doors were left unlocked...


FARMALL  tractor...red...with trailer... ALLIED VAN LINES... yellow

TEXACO...what little boy or girl didn't want one of these...'the man who wears the star' 

Doll oven...price- $89.00...original paint...works!!

 Doll Stove...red...works...1930's...$85.00

Made in the USA...toys

Does this pull on your heartstrings?  I know I get so excited with I see items made in the USA! 
The hunt continues...

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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