It's an AhhhHahhhh Day!!

After completing chores this morning  (this is the way we wash our clothes...I declare, I can not imagine two people dirtying more clothes than we do, grrrrr!) the hubby and I headed out to one of our favorite antique malls.

Walking down the aisles I noticed the cutest lamps ever...made from an old pottery jug...

(Now I know it is difficult to bore holes into a perfectly perfect old jug but this is an idea for a slightly imperfect one!)

This one's previous life was a mere shortening can...can you say cute???

And this old rusty made a very modern lamp...
(would look really good at the lake,ummmmm)

Then on to our favorite Mexican restaurant...

And we were not disappointed!! The food was fantastic!!


Now after a bike ride with my main man, Gully, I feel a nap coming on!!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



I'm Back!! And I've Missed Y'all!!

Oh me, oh my, it truly has been a very long time since my last blog post! :(  sad faces :(

The junkin' road has been long and winding...
Anyway...sooooo much has happened, it has been soooo busy, and my life is soooo blessed!

Did y'all know that we have five seasons in the south...winter, spring, summer, fall, and now FOOTBALL!! That's right folks! Football is a season in Alabama and we love our college teams!  Yes, I'm a Bama Girl, proud graduate of The University of Alabama, Roll Tide Roll! 

And on one of the few junkin' trips I've been able to make I found this lovely young lady who had  made these wreaths...

Of course she had items for all the college teams!

I celebrated another birthday!! (No, no, never ask a southern lady her age or weight for that matter! Even a J-GRITS never kisses and tells!!) The hubby says I've been celebrating for weeks! Really I think I, absolutely, without a doubt, deserved all the fantastic attention!! haha
One of the celebrations...(hubby with the mandolin)

The Herb Trotman Band

And do y'all remember my wonderful Tennessee graduate daughter?  Well she is now living in Alabama and going to law school!!  What is extra special is that she is living with us while attending classes! Can y'all see the smile on our faces!!  :)

And to add to our smiling faces... I must give a shout out to our #1 son who has started a business in crimson tide country!! The food is sooooo good!!

And, while I'm telling y'all the news...we have a new addition to our household! Well, really there are two new fur babies!! 
Law candidate daughter and her hubby rescued a tiny kitten from their barn, brought her to the lake, named her Pat Summitt because she is, you guessed it...Tennessee orange and white!! 

Yes, I am allergic to cats, can't take them in the house... but outside we are doing fine!

Oh yes, I did say 2 furry babies, didn't I?
Allow me to pause to give a little background info...in November we lost Sassy, our 17 year old Shih Tzu.  Anyone who has gone through this knows the utter emptiness you feel.  After much soul searching the hubby and I finally decided it was time to hear the pitter patter of little feet again. Gully Shores (named after one of our favorite beaches) adopted us! Gully, a male peek-a-poo, is adjusting quite well to our laid back life style of living on the lake!!

It has been wonderful to see the interaction between the two animals! Gully and Summit are friendly playmates!

So many blessings...
Now to get back into the swing of things...

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!

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