Carved Bench

While out junkin' with my friend we spotted this bench sitting outside a business. SREEEEEECH, TIRES SQUEALING,  ALL MANNERS OF 'HAND' WAVING, PEOPLE SHOUTING... we turned that car around and headed over to the parking space!

 Now really this one is a show stopper...or in our case a car stopper!! Notice the marks...the scroll...the chippy goodness... Ahhh I just knew the perfect spot where this little jewel would look perfect!

 I wanted  it to go home with me but the owner said no!  It was a great space for the husbands to sit while their wives shopped!

 Wide, comfortable, restful...

Now we're off again to look for another bench!
How about you? Have you found a 'show stopper' lately?

See ya down the junkin; road!


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