Pink Saturday with Betsey!

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Today I want to bring a little pink into your life and introduce (or re-introduce because many of you already know her) the American fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs,  Betsey Johnson!


Many consider her designs "over the top" with all the embellishments that are added.  
(my friend says "Everyone needs a little whimsy in their life!"
Her dance classes inspired her love of "costumes"!  Someone once described her style as "take a leotard and add a skirt"! Pretty funky, huh?

As I was shopping for birthday gifts I spotted her featured whimsical designs on several purses and bags!

(Notice the bag and her t-shirt feature the same lovely face!)

In the 1970's Betsey took control of the fashion label "Alley Cat" which was extremely popular with rock 'n roll musicians of the day! In 1978 she started her own fashion line. After a successful first show her second one bombed! Without even enough money to stage a fashion show to sell the 3000+ items she opened a retail store in the  famous SoHo district, to wild success! Today there are 45 stores worldwide that sell her "whimsy"!  

Betsey is known for doing a cartwheel at the end of her fashion show...

Cute, huh?

Is she an American success story? One who made her dreams come true? One who never gave up when financial ruin was facing her?  One who gives lessons on determination and drive?  Uhhhh-huhhh, oh yeah!! 

Leaving you with "Hugs and Kisses", XXXOOO!! from Betsey, fashion designer.

Have a Blessed Day!!  And see ya down the junkin' road!!