Pinky Horsey Pinky

Recently while traveling through a town in northwest Alabama I "spied" a horse, standing outside!

Now I realize that a horse standing outside is not that unusual but a horse standing outside on the street and colorful with pink hues is very unusual!

After whipping the car around (oops U-TURN) I discovered that this pinky horsey was 'tied up' outside an art studio!

"Good advertising ploy", my friend commented (well really grumbled as he hit the side of the car door from the U-TURN)

And I must agree...eye candy, show stopping, attention getting...

Pinky Horsey is partying at:

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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YeeHah! Cowhide!

Now as most of you know "I don't do cold weather"!! LOL
This week we've experienced bitterly cold weather for us.  Lows below freezing, oooohsie!  (that's southern for, baby it's cold out there!)
But one good thing about living in Alabama...

 ...wait for it, if you don't like the weather today, wait a couple of days and it will change
(and usually for the warmer and sunnier) And that's what happened yesterday and out the door I scampered!  I was going stir crazy!!

Stopped by a local antique mall and found cows!

Isn't this a pretty picture?              (Louisiana State Exhibit Museum)

No, not the mooing kind...cowhide!

                                                           (photos Wikipedia)

An old cane back chair ready for the dumpster transformed into a thoroughly modern millie...

A transformed trunk...

A stool...

And covering the floor, that's right, cowhide rug...

Did you notice the nailhead trim?  Love it!

My friend and me enjoyed the day and the warmer weather!  How about you?  Are you enjoying this January 2012 doing fun things with your friends?

Have a Blessed Day!!  And see ya down the junkin' road!!

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January Winter Whites

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When January rolls around I always remember my Aunt Margaret!
"Honey, we need to go buy our sheets and towels for the new year! It's the white sale at the store downtown!"

Did y'all grow up with the January 'white sale'?   Getting up early to hit the stores for the new items, usually white,  (because white holds up so well...gotta love her thinking)  although every now and again beige came home with us too!! 

Wikipedia defines white sale as a marketing strategy in which a store steeply discounts its merchandise to increase sales for a short period of time.

I know! Who knew?!
I just thought it was the only time we could go buy sheets, towels, pillows, and tablecloths!!

Here are a few bedrooms, all from the big box store ROOMS TO GO, that show pretty linens dressing great furniture...

Rooms to Go...Belmar (7 pc King Bedroom)   Notice the linens...the pillows...ummm so inviting...love the rug too!

Rooms to Go...Richland Upholstered (5pc Queen Bedroom)   Linens are fresh, clean, inviting...

Rooms to Go...Raven (5 pc Queen Bedroom)         Linens, like icing on a cake...

Is it time to take advantage of the January White Sale Ummmm?
Well what are y'all waiting for, get going!
Hit your favorite stores for those linens!  Those must haves for 2012! 
Those very pretty and elegant bed, bath, table, and kitchen textiles!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Nashville's Opryland Hotel and a WOW

First, thanks for all the love and friendship!! Y'all are the best, the very best!!

Have you been to Nashville lately?  It's a lovely city that is recovering from the floods of 2010.  Many marked the flood as the single largest disaster to hit middle Tennessee since the Civil WarWow...

The hubby and I along with family visited Opryland Hotel during the Christmas season. It is unbelievable the work that has been accomplished to restore the Hotel to this beautiful sight.  We were shown markers where the water crept up to INSIDE the hotel.  Wow...

Gaylord Opryland's Country Christmas along with DreamWorks collaborated to add new features for 2011 ...Holiday Shrek tacular.  It was so much fun! (even us old people were able to be kids again!!)  Wow...

"Smelly  Christmas to all and to all a gross night..."  Gotta love that Shrek!!

The characters were so much fun...they delighted in having their pictures with children and adults too. Wow...

Reminds one of Disney World...land of fantasy

"We like to move it, move it..."

"Here ye, here ye, all who feast will become an honorary ogre"

And we were dubbed ogres and given our 'ears' after eating at the ShrekFeast Character Meal!!

The trip was fun! Especially for the hubby and me!  Making memories with our young loves were extra, special important! And the icing on the cake... we were able to share the experience with my mother! Ummm, don't get any better than that!!   Wow...

 "no Junk glass"

"The centerpiece of the Cascades Lobby is this gorgeous blown glass sculpture."

 "It features dozens of blown glass flowers from buds to full blossoms in lovely jewel tones."


"Created by sculptor, Ludek Hroch, the glass is named 'Resurgence'."  (details, tiny details, wow...)

"The Plaque reads...
Flowers are our companions throughout life's journey, our inspiring and faithfully returning friends. This exuberant creation's infinite colors and shapes, representing a range from buds to full blossoms parallel the unlimited resurgence and rebirth of the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center."

Like I said, 'This ain't no junk glass'!!! I think my jaw dropped open when I first viewed it!!
Beautiful...breath taking...photos do not do it justice...WOW, WOW...

Of course this sculpture will not fit in my home (I don't have 20 feet ceilings...), but I will be on the lookout for something smaller, similar, lovely!!

Now that's a small snippet (do we still use the word snippet?!!)  of our quick trip to Nashville. I'll share more fun times at Opryland Hotel and Nashville later this year. I hope you will be able to vacation in the 'music city' real soon!

Going to a party!!!  Grab your party shoes and join the fun!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!!


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The New Year and One Gift-Away Celebration

Did you start your day watching the parade?  I mean the big parade...The Tournament of Roses Parade from Pasadena, California!

(A close-up of roses used to create a parade float)

It seems to be a tradition in most households!

I am amazed how the architects  (I do mean highly skilled people)  can cleverly make all those flowers do and stay the way they are meant to do and stay!

( A Chariot Race during the 1908 Tournament of Roses; later replaced by the Rose Bowl Game)

Now I grew up building floats out of crepe paper, toilet paper, and chicken wire!  I know, I know...dating my age just a wee bit!!

Sort of looks like diagrams in Chem Class!!

Fancy Shmancy paper!!

Welllll, we all know that crepe paper comes in many colors and after using the colors your fingers, hands and even faces turn colors too!!

The gift-away...

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Now get going...and along the way have a little fun, stop by and visit with my friend and me!!

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A Year in Review

Hello there! 2011 has been a very busy, fun, eventful, and did I say busy year for my family!

            You know LIFE just sometimes gets in the way... LOL!
And yes, I know and apologize for not posting in way too, too long! I've missed talkin' to y'all these past few months! Hopefully the new year will allow more "ME" time and I will be able to share more, read more, and visit more with the blogging community!

Family is so important to me...

with #1 SON starting a new business

with "Daddy's Girl" (aka "Tennessee Daughter") moving back to Alabama, school, farm life with her hubby

sharing time with my young loves

fun with the Lake Family

 music, music, music

And of course TRAVEL

Change came too this past year.
With a lot of sadness, my friend and me closed 2 antique booths (just too much sT rE Ss for this ole southern gal

But as we all know once mother's goin' junkin'...always junkin'!!  

I'm missing the hunt and the thrill of finding that one item that is the... dare I say...the bomb!!

April 27, 2011 will forever live in my heart and mind as one of the worst days as the tornadoes raced across my beloved state of Alabama.


But out of the misery came hope, neighbors helping neighbors, friends and even strangers racing to help, rebuilding a stronger community.

The road to recovery is long... But all of Alabama are traveling it together.  And we are thankful...

Yes, yes, yes, as I look back at the year in review I can really say 2011 has been good to me!

And I'm happily looking forward to what the new year has in store for my friend and me!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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