In the Pink

Are you feeling the "PINK" today!! It is Saturday and I'm joining the party...

Just a few of my favorite pink things...

Always loved the Pink Panther!! 

Share a little music, support your local musicians, have a little fun today...

 See ya down the junkin' road!!



Rainy Days

Today I'm cooped up, lookin' out the window at the rain, seein' the white caps on the lake!  
Yep, it's another rainy day in Bama! 

Now don't get me wrong! I'm very happy for the rain but please no more stormy weather.  (the warnings are south of me and I pray that those living there are aware)   
Alabama was hit again this week with tornadoes.  They traveled almost the same path through Tuscaloosa and Jefferson Counties as the April tornadoes took.  Luckily our TV weathermen alerted us to the dangerous weather several days in advance and stayed on the air throughout the night giving updates.  Since April more people have purchased the weather radios and downloaded the weather alert apps for their smart phones.  We still had loss of life (not as many, even one is too many)  but more people are paying attention to weather forecasts now. 

To take my mind off the weather...let's take a trip...get on the road!!  Even if it's in our minds!! LOL!!
I want to share with you some more photographs of our vacation!

On the road to Key West we were able to stop at many lovely spots...Just sit back and enjoy the journey...

                                                              (sunset, Key West)

Weather was beautiful!  Just perfect for a bike ride!  Do you like my 3-wheeler?  A gift from the hubby!  That little fellow peeking over the wheel is our fur-baby Gully!  He loves riding in the basket!

When the sunlight hit this fish the colors were outstanding!  Have you seen the wood carvers take a tree, use their saws, and before your eyes the stump becomes a masterpiece?  This was created from a downed tree in the park.

I think this little 'sugar shack' would look fantastic as a bar area out by the lake! 

                                                             (Florida camp)

Ahhh, memories...did you enjoy the road trip?  I sure did!!

Time to peek out the window!  Yep, it's still raining!  So now off  to do the laundry...bless my heart!

See ya down the junkin' road!!


I'm signing my photographs now...Southern Junkin'.    Y'all need to think about owning your photos too!


Looking for Thrifty Finds

While out on the junkin' road I'm always looking for good furniture. Y'all know what I mean...sturdy, wood, solid, wood!
Then I decide how to RESTORE and  RESTYLE the old vintage piece so that it fits in perfectly with today's family!  Often I will flip through magazines and visit retail stores to see "what's hot and what's not"!! 

This bed was not very stylish anymore..dreary and damaged...

But a vision was there...

                                                                       ( BHG)
With a little elbow grease, a little paint, and a little TLC this cast off is now ready for the party!

Now restyling beds into benches has been around for years but still are very popular!  I first remember seeing these in Atlanta about 10 years ago.

This is a great storage cabinet for a mudroom, playroom, or family room!
(Are you kiddin' me?  NOT in this present condition...)


Wow!  Look at it now...


The graphics on this are fantastic!
1.  This cabinet was first painted white.  
2.  Oversized stencils were created using contact paper and adhered to the cabinet.  
3.  Then the cabinet was painted in an earthy tone.  
4.  Contact paper removed to reveal the bight white letters.
5.  The 3D design was then created.

I think this cabinet would look great in one of the hot new colors for 2012 too!

How about you?  Do you own anything that needs a little restyle? 

My friend and me are off to scour the countryside for a sad sap that with a little creativity we can uncover its hidden charm!

See ya down the junkin' road!!



January Magazine Challenge

I am very excited to join in the party with Debbie for the first magazine challenge of 2012!
I had planned a furniture challenge but the weather has been sooooo rainy I was unable to complete the task and without photos of anything! Oh well, that will become a later challenge!

Oh what to do, what to do...something for valentines'...
Browsing through my copy of Southern Lady I found the perfect challenge...

                                                                     (Kamin Williams)

Luckily I had already picked up roses at the grocery store.  I can't pass by the floral displays without grabbing a bunch!

I quickly gathered my supplies from items I already had on hand...

I did not have the cute little candles or cups that look like bark so I downloaded a free photo of wood, fibrous bark!  Then with the wonderful paper cutter I cut strips to wrap my candles!

 And here it is...
The magazine called Floral Turnover...

                                                                 (Kamin Williams)
And my copy cat...

I can imagine a grouping of these inverted glasses with roses on the table to celebrate Valentines', a bridesmaids luncheon, or anytime I need a quick, simple arrangement! It makes an 'oh so pretty focal point for any spot in your home.'

The original...

                                                                  (Kamin Williams)
Oh yeah!! (HaPPy DAncE)  My copy with supplies I had on hand...

Now don't forget to drop by the party!!  Visit many and often! You will see old friends and make new ones!

See ya down the junkin' road!!



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