A Farmer's Market

Growing up in the south I've always, ALWAYS, gone to farmers' markets! Locally, Saturday mornings were the time when the farmers brought their wares to town to sell.  What items we did not have in our garden we bought at this market! My grandmother lived some 80 miles from her asthma specialist in Birmingham. Every trip to the doctor included a stop at the BIG farmers' market located off Finley Avenue! As a small child I can remember running up and down the aisles between rows and rows of fruits and vegetables! 

Today, we are lucky to have THE farmers' market to beat all farmers' markets within close driving distance!

(Anyone traveling I65 between Birmingham and Montgomery you need to stop! It's a wonderful space to rest, to eat and to shop!!)

Recently the junkin' road took my friend and me to Durbin Farms and all the wonderful sights and smells! YummmmmY!!

I will let you (yep, southern slang, let you!!lol) wander the aisles and enjoy...

Now how cool is this...pea--nuts, get ya pea--nuts!!

Great fun at the Durbin's Market !

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Nifty-Westmoreland Glass

What can I say? I'm truly my aunt's niece and the apple did not fall too far from the tree!!
She loved glass! American made glass! I grew up knowing names such as depression glass, Fostoria, Cambridge, Candlewick, Fenton, Milk glass, Westmoreland, to name just a few!

On a recent road trip my friend and me stopped at an antique mall just to look...with no must-haves on the list!  As we were oohing and ahhhing over different items...

(Now I must admit I have an obsession a mild fondness for pink glass! I stayed at this showcase a loooooong time!! Just sayin'... )

Then "what to my 'wandering' eyes should appear..."  around the corner... could it be...walkin' closer... holdin' my breath...

MILK GLASS!!  A lovely punch bowl with stand and punch cups! This where you should see my 'happy' dance!!

Hoping beyond hope that it is Westmoreland milk glass I ventured closer.

Westmoreland was founded by two brothers in Pennsylvania in 1889. In its heyday the company was in the mix of American glass manufacturing creating many styles and colors.  Later one brother sold out to the other and milk glass became the bread and butter of sales. Paneled grape was one of the most popular. Unfortunately by 1984 the company was sold and closed for good to become a storage unit. STORAGE PLACE, seriously, really...
Now I must get on my soapbox for a moment...it hurts me to see so much of our American artistry, creativeness, and ingenuity gone just gone...   
okay back to my story...

It was marked by the seller Westmoreland...14 pieces..missing a ladle...ahhh pretty!!

Unfortunately the punch set did not go home with me...  :(     But it helped to renew my interest and search for great American made glass!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Fall Y'all...Chic Mantle

Yep, it's autumn! Or as we call it fall, y'all! My aunt's favorite time of year! She chose this season in which to marry! She loved the colors and chose Franciscan dinnerware in the Autumn pattern. She said the trees wore their prettiest dresses, so colorful...liked dressed for their fanciest ball!!

And because she loved it, I love it too! (may be a musical song hidden somewhere in that...ummmm)

How best to define fall or autumn...
Wikipedia definition:

Autumn is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter usually in September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere) when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier. It is in between summer and winter.

Yes a transition...night coming earlier...nights noticeably cooler...changing colors...different smells in the air...endings...beginnings...holidays ...

Several years back (BB, before blogging) the hubby and I were traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway, following the color of the seasonIt was quite fun!  We were able to junk a little, take lots of photos, eat a lot!!

Of course the mill was a must photograph...one of the most photographed scenic places along the parkway...

So much fun! I recommend everyone who has the time to travel this historic byway!

And...unfortunately in our area...fall marks the end of the yard sailing season for most!  :(
But (and I know not to start a sentence with 'but') my friend and me did find a super great mantle that needed just a little TLC.

Remember I did say a little TLC!!
The mantle had good bones...

I had no fear as I knew the hubby could work his magic!!

I loved the shabby look...several coats of paint showing through the old white top layer...

Sooooo, may I present...from pieces to complete:

The mirror was in perfect condition. So lucky for us!

Decorating for fall...

Very cottage chic!!! 
Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Vintage Lake Junkin'

Living life on the lake, the hubby and I are always on the lookout for vintage items that pertain to the water...

While on a road trip in south Alabama we stopped at an antique mall!
(Imagine that! We stopped at a mall! Oh the joys of junkin'!!)  
Among all the lovely treasures we found this...

Vintage canoe...fabulous green color...loaded with wooden paddles...fishing pole...

All that was needed was to load 'er up and haul 'er back...
But, alas, nooooo, not on this trip! Maybe next time...

Next find was locally at one of our favorite haunts...

Vintage motor...fabulous green...and best of all, American made!!

I know most of you have dined in restaurants where these items of all things relating to fishing are hung on the walls and ceilings! Reminds me of many catfish cabins along the river!

Down the next aisle I found these...

Rods, reels, poles...

Of course we will find more vintage lake down the junkin' road and I will undoubtedly share those with y'all too, but now I must go! The LAKE is calling! And with pretty sunny weather leaving us much too soon, I am hopping on the boat for a fun time with friends!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!