April Showers Bring on the Flowers!

On this rainy morning in April 2010 I begin my new Blog, a southern girl's and her friend's adventures in "junkin'!" Now "southern junkin'" covers a lot of territory. The "hunt" is always on for those great buys to make our homes more comfortable, cheerier, prettier--CHIC! Of course flowers make a place all those things. And as soon as the downpour turned to sprinkles my friend & me headed out to the local landscaping supply store. Alas! Excitement turned to dismay as we realized "the truck" had not yet delivered the new shrubs and flowers we needed (not just wanted!) On the advice of another friend we drove on to Montevallo to check out "Cedar Creek." Boy, did we hit the mother-lode! We loaded the truck with ferns, vegetable plants, hydrangeas, marigolds(because my grandmother always planted marigolds as a deterrent to BUGS!), and mosquito plants (any help with those pesky rascals I need!). Another stop to pick up some bulbs, stop to eat, and it's home to plant. Ahh! Another good day of junkin'!
Have a Blessed Day!