Color! Refreshing and Inspiring...

I've kept my friend very, very busy these last few days! We've been reclaiming and refurbishing furniture! Sooooo, I needed a rest and naturally my daydreams turned to summer, vacations, & warm weather! AND, COLOR, how to capture those dreams in my home...

COLOR, as refreshing as a cool breeze during the heat of summer! As the weather tempts us with warmer temperatures my thoughts turn to visuals of the ocean, the beach, the seaside! I love the neutrals of sand, shells and driftwood, with the varing shades of grays and blues that make up the ocean and sky! It has a calming effect! I can close my eyes and almost smell the salt of the sea, hear the pounding of the surf, feel the wind upon my face! (a nice dream in place of the harsh cold wind of March!)

This chest that my friend refurbished illustrates some of the color palette...

The grays and browns of weathered primitives...

Add a pop of color and your space has that refreshed look...

(These featured items may be found at Consigning Interiors & Antiques Mall, 2838 Pelham Parkway, Pelham, Al 35124.)

NOW that I've had my little daydream I must return to MARCH WIND, the reality that summer breezes are still a few months away! However I CAN surround myself with all those special colors in my home! Now just to get my friend and me a gallon of paint...

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!

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What a whirlwind of a week, exhaustion has set in! We've moved into our three new locations but we are not "pretty", at least not yet! I've sold several items. That's a good thing!!

Don't you just love my little NUMBERED chest?

And this original bamboo table would make a great addition to a sunroom or enclosed porch. The possibilities are endless!

We invite you to shop ENCORE RESALES. The location is 2831 Pelham Parkway, Pelham, Al 35124 Look for us in the new addition, #671, Cottage Chic & A Little Antique.

I'm asked,"What makes a successful store?" And my answer is always PLANNING, that's the key. It takes a lot to set up new stores. To decide what is best to display, how to display, is a constant challenge. I try to find the new, the unusual, the different to sell in my stores. So My Friend & Me are off again to hunt for those items! ROAD TRIP!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!

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Favorite Auction House...

Even though the weather looked a little "IFFY" (that's southern slang for beware "StORmy WeaTHER...!") my friend and me decided to spend the evening at one of the area's auction houses. My friend says it is the best FREE entertainment, IF you don't raise your hand! Just to sit back and listen to the auctioneer sing his song; "whatdayagive,hundred,twenty-five,five,five, NOW fifty,fifty"...see the intense rivalry between TWO bidders aiming to get the prize with a raised hand, or nod of the head, or tweek of the nose...Ahhh, the entertainment is differently there!

As expected the house was packed with treasures!

And PEOPLE...looking in boxes, under tables, behind doors...testing the wares!


At the auction surprises are always in store for the alert bidder...

Happily, my friend and me left the auction with several GREAT FINDS! But that will have to wait until another post!

Have a Blessed Day! And see you down the junkin' road!

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Pardon me...I have no excuse...

I have been delinquent in posting on my blog! But I will try to do a better job! My Friend & Me have opened three, yes I said 3, stores (booths) in local dealers' malls! I am so excited!! The first is CONSIGNING INTERIORS AND ANTIQUES MALL located in Pelham, Al. This is one member of the family consisting of Hoover Antiques and Urban Suburban. You may find us in the RED ROOM. The second one is just across the street in ENCORE RESALES. This eclectic store is so much fun to shop! Look for BOOTH #671 in the new addition by the name of COTTAGE CHIC & A LITTLE ANTIQUE! And third is in CHELSEA ANTIQUES AND DECORATORS MALL located on Hwy 280 in Chelsea, Al. Find us in the back room again booth #671 COTTAGE CHIC & A LITTLE ANTIQUE! We are so happy and know you will enjoy spending time exploring these 3 malls!

Have a Blessed Day! And see ya down the junkin' road!!