"Swimmin' Women", Lot of Whimsy

While on the junkin' road I became the owner of a little whimsy! My friend and me stumbled across this cutie pie and I just could not resist her charm! May I introduce you to:  (drumrooooollllll please)

Miss Lottie!
Miss Lottie is the creation of Jane Hankins. Ms. Hankins draws inspiration from her own colorful family and friends. Her sculpture is whimsical and intended to draw a smile from all who view it! Miss Lottie is one of a series of five women and their margarita-drinking friend "Max."  This "floating down the river" series is a scene from Ms. Hankins real life.

Now for the rest of the story...

"Miss Lotisha Langston Larrimore was born on a plantation just outside Alligator, Mississippi, and after graduation from finishing school became a Virginia girl's-school girl.  It was while there that she made her debut at the Alligator Cotillion." (imagine the long, white, flowing, satin dresses and the beautiful white magnolias adorning the ballroom...)  "Her parents were determined to make it into the preeminent debut ball in the world!"

Allow let me to interject a little history here...in the southern United States debutantes are also referred to as 'Southern belles.'  A ball signals to the world that a young lady has reached the age of maturity and as a new adult is introduced into society. In other words she is now eligible to marry!!

But back to the story...remember Miss Lottie (picture a much, much, much younger version)

"It was there that she met (and became fast-and I do mean fast-friends with) Lolita La Rue, who was on the invitation list. Also, Myrtis and Byrtis,"  (what were those parents thinking when names were given out?!) "who had slipped in with the gate crashers." And I can't forget "Coco, who was also being presented."

Time moves on...

"Ageless, Lottie remains a beauty until this day. And, like Coco, she chooses a raft over her inner tube, so that all the fellers can be seen ogling her all but perfect body as she rafts down the river."

Cute, huh??!!  I must admit we had a few fellers ogling her as she sits gracefully on our porch! 

Ms. Hankins delights in making people happy and adding joy to their lives.  Now through Carnevale's reproductions of her work, there will be many more smiles around! It is my wish that I brought a smile to your face with this story and added a little whimsy to your day!

Hopefully, my friend and me will encounter Miss Lottie's friends! And, oh yeah, don't be surprised to see Miss Lottie down the junkin' road!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



Tweaking the Blog!

Please be patient with me! I'm experimenting with different looks for my blog!  I am trying to make it attractive and user friendly! I'm also trying to make a blog button!! My friend says I need a blog button for dummies guide and that's RIGHT!!


(drumrooooooollllll please!)  S U C C E S S!! (Happy Dance!!)  I DID IT!! ME, ALL BY MY SELF!!! WhooooHooo!  I created a button!!

I knew I could!  I just kept running into brick walls! Finally I found someone who delivered complete (most important), concise, user friendly instructions! You must understand even though I am a retired educator I am really computer illiterate! Remember the first computer I studied on took up the whole room and used cards!  Yes, now I  have a desktop and a laptop and I do have an IPhone but  I really need instructions sometimes!!

Thanks so much to:  Gail at "Sophisticate Steps" for the wonderful help! And when I can I plan to add her button to my blog! But for today this is all my little brain can stand!

Now I'm going to sit on the dock and watch the sunset!!




Yard 'Sailing' down the road...

Yep, that's right; my friend and me have been out "sailing the yards" looking for deals!! As a J-GRITS (junkin' girl raised in the south) a deal is most important!

As the photography instructor said, "You take 100 shots and you may, if you're lucky, get one photograph that is printable."  Well my friend and me have learned that you can 'sail' many yards, estate, and moving sales and if you're lucky you may find one item that you need!

Ease on down...

This wheelbarrow would look cute planted with flowers or filled with wood...

No explanation needed...

Clothes Line...

Take a look at the hat...

Ease on down...

We grabbed a few books, sheet music, flower frog, and eased on down the road!  Planning our next road trip and 'sailing' the yards!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



Leavin' the Farm!

That's what the ad said..."Leaving the Farm, Estate and Moving Sale!"  Now how could we past that up?! A farm, an estate, a moving SALE! Let's gooooooo!!

The junkin' road carried my friend and me out in the country...place we had never been before.  Turn left and follow the signs...over the one-lane bridge...

up the hill and through the gate...

stopping for closer view... (Birds flying in and out!  Bet they don't have to deal with those pesky mosquitoes!!)

I have to tell you I couldn't shop for looking at all the work this couple had put into making this farm special!
The outbuildings were reconstructed and recycled...

Yes, there were chickens in the coop to the side! 

Notice the reclaimed materials that were used...even tried to hide the new-fangled storage shed!

Old wavy glass windows, tin roofs, barn boards... Ohhhh I wanted to see more! 

Ummm, back to shopping...glass insulators, birdhouses, chicky feeders, metal, wire...pretty much what we expected to find at this sale!!

As we were leaving, (and feeling quite happy), had to stop for one more photo...

Yes, this is central Alabama!  Talk about a view!  How would you like to wake up to this every day, ummm??

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



Plants, Plants, and More...

We need tomato plants for the garden.  We need to plant the tomatoes now!  So the junkin' road carried my friend and me to a local nursery.  We love, love, love  this place. They always have the best assortment of bedding plants, hanging pots, shrubs, vegetables; you name it! 

Colorful petunias...

My grandmother always thought a house was not truly a home unless there were flowers in the yard.  Sadly I do not have the "green thumb!"  But I have taken her advice and try to plant things that require little to no maintenance!

They were unloading a truck when we arrived and the the place was packed with new plants. My friend and me wanderd around for quite sometime just ooohing and aaaahing over all they had to offer! 

We had an idea of what we needed but there were soooo many pretties that we wanted Decisions, Decisions... (lightbulb going off!!)...DUH, of course we left the nursery with a truckload!

The "Kimberly Ferns" do great for me. They are able to take the heat and sun and I don't usually burn them up like I have been known to do to a "Boston Fern!"  Yep, into the truck went the 'Kimberlies'!!

These New Guinea impatiens were so colorful I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted, soooooo I came home with this color AND the prettiest salmon color.

Also into the truck went some more flowers and of course, we really didn't forget, the tomato plants!

My pansies are still very pretty since we've had some cool nights lately. And they look very pretty in the pots! (and I  really hate to pull them up when I've actually not killed them!!)  But the weather forecast for this week is summer like temps nearing 90 degrees!  I guess I will just have to replant those pots with something, ummmm... you know what that means?...another road trip to the nursery! Yea!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


Mothers' Special Day!

Happy Mother's Day to y'all!! My friend and me think every day is special mom's day! But it is really nice that today has been set aside for special remembrances!

God blessed us with three wonderful children! Tennessee daughter, #1 son, and Cotton Top made our family complete! My heart swells with pride and love with each of their accomplishments and determination in life.  Cotton Top is celebrating mother's day in heaven again this year. I always shed a little tear, miss her beyond belief, but know she is happy and smiling down on each of us. And trust me, my family gives much love and laughter!!!

All mothers are fiercely protective and proud of their offspring. And I am no exception!! I could go on and on and on...  My friend says enough already!!  You nurture, you push, you love...helping them to become strong individuals...

"mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible"  (Marion C. Garretty)

Being a mother is the greatest gift, the greatest honor, the greatest award ever bestowed on me!

Have a Blessed Mother's Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!