Out of Destruction...Blessings

It is with a heavy heart that I post today.  The destruction that has occurred in my state is overwhelming. Although I do not live now in the devastated areas I have lived there.  My #1 son lives in Tuscaloosa a few blocks from the University Mall, but his home was spared. His friends are safe. Thank you!

The towns of Hackleburg and Phil Campbell both flattened (probably an EF5 tornado tracked from Smithville, MS through Marion County in Northwest Alabama) are within miles of my childhood hometown. So much hurt there.  Cordova in Wallker County suffered a direct hit too. Cullman, Pleasant Grove, Hueytown, Pratt City and the list goes on...

In Etowah County the same tornado that came through Tuscaloosa and Jefferson County left its mark. My brother and his family witnessed it in the air over their home. The wonderful outdoor facility where we go each year to listen and play music had major damage.

Then as the night wore on my Tennessee daughter hovered in the basement of their home as the same tornado line made its way into her area. Thankfully she had no damage although some there were not so lucky.

I will not post any photos today. You can go to any of the news links and view the furious destruction that Mother Nature can unleash...

But I titled this post "Blessings" and I do feel blessed. My family is safe. I see people caring for others. My sweet young friend's school has organized and sent seven (7) trucks to Tuscaloosa packed with supplies for the survivors and they are collecting more. Additional schools, scouts, churches are setting up collection areas too.  People from other states are sending help. Neighbors helping neighbors...

It has been said that we all will be forever changed after experiencing the "Fury of April 27, 2011."  I have to agree.

From "sweet home Alabama", have a Blessed Day!!



Take a Stroll with me...

Today I am excited to show you some of the items for sale in a local antique mall! Roosters and hens are so collectible and this one is really cute...

Hanging on an old screen door is a vintage tennis racket with the wooden rack! Look closely and you will see it is a Billie Jean King!  (Now for the youngsters out there, Billie Jean turned pro in 1968, won 12 Grand Slams, founder of numerous organizations for women's tennis, retired in 1983, but is probably best known for defeating Bobby Riggs, former Wimbledon men's single champ, in The 1973 exhibition match known as the Battle of the Sexes! After that televised match all little girls had to have her racket!!)

Giving new life to old books and pages...

Clever storage...re-purposing a forgotten cabinet...

  Vintage pie safe...("Pies??" asks my friend.  "I'll take a slice of lemon!!") No pies today but what a great display for the collectibles...Look at the chippy white!!

When shopping or strolling through an antique mall budget time to walk through more than one timeReverse your direction the second time through!! You will be amazed at how many new items you can discover! And don't forget to plunder! All vendors want you to stop in their booths!

Tell me about a wonderful "find" from your antiquing!

We've had stormy weather again today and expecting more! Stay safe and listen to the weather reports.  This springtime unrest will eventually turn to hot, hot, hot summer!!

Have a Blessed Day!!  And see ya down the junkin' road!!



Chippy White and A Sold Item!

What can I say?  I love, LOVE, LOVE the chippy white painted items! And when I stumble across one, well...you know, there's this big "um huhm" sigh!!

This old sewing machine base...

Of course you must be careful of the lead paint on these painted items.  But isn't this vintage chair wonderful?

Notice the details in the iron work...

When we found this old iron gate it just had to come home with us!!

Looking loverly, loverly with its dress of jasmine!!

What have you found with "chippy white" that is just to die for?!!

My friend reminded me of the SOLD item in the title. (I really hadn't forgotten to talk about it but just checking to see if friend was really reading!!)

Drum rolllllllllllllllll...coffee table/ottoman/stool/bench covered in burlap painted out in this springtime green!!!

Yep, gone from the Red Room in Consigning Interiors!  Thanks!

Leave your comments because we really like 'em!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!




"Christ Jesus lives today...HE walks with me and talks to me along life's narrow way..."

He is Risen Indeed!   

"How do I know HE lives? HE lives within my heart!"

Easter Blessings!