Carved Bench

While out junkin' with my friend we spotted this bench sitting outside a business. SREEEEEECH, TIRES SQUEALING,  ALL MANNERS OF 'HAND' WAVING, PEOPLE SHOUTING... we turned that car around and headed over to the parking space!

 Now really this one is a show stopper...or in our case a car stopper!! Notice the marks...the scroll...the chippy goodness... Ahhh I just knew the perfect spot where this little jewel would look perfect!

 I wanted  it to go home with me but the owner said no!  It was a great space for the husbands to sit while their wives shopped!

 Wide, comfortable, restful...

Now we're off again to look for another bench!
How about you? Have you found a 'show stopper' lately?

See ya down the junkin; road!


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karen@somewhatquirky said...

Is it chained down? There's always darkness......I would be tempted. It really is a great bench!

Revi said...

It is a looker! But, lots of fun can be had looking for another. :)

reFresh reStyle said...

Love it! I hope you find one :)

Kirstin Joy@ Burlap and Buttons said...

Yeah I would've stopped too! Amazing! Love the details and chippiness. I wanted to come say hi and thanks for your comment at Burlap and Buttons! Happy to be following along with you. Happy Friday!

Sandie said...

OOH Nice Bench! Too bad it wasn't for sale! Just found your blog. I am a blogger from North Alabama. Stop by if you have some time! ;)