Frenchy Becomes a Tea Table

While on the junkin' road my friend and me found this little side table with the cutest frenchy legs but a disastrous top!  I put it back trying to decide how to remake it. First thought was to just use the legs with something else. Then (light bulb!!) repaint for a fun little girl's tea table!

Getting started...

Add a good base coat of paint. I chose a bluish gray oops paint! Then painter's tape to add random ivory stripes...

I painted this wooden child's chair to match...and there you have it...tea party time!!

Of course I wasn't completely satisfied so...numbers were stenciled.   
"Why the numbers 4 and 5?" asks my friend. "Just because," I answered, "4 and 5 are nice sounding numbers!"

The photos show a more purpley hue but really the color is a soft hint of blue!

If, of course, you do not have use for a tea table then it will make a fun lamp table! So many are redoing and decorating porches now that my little frenchy tea table will be just the needed whimsical addition!

Allow me to leave you with a spot of color as we all start our weekend...

Take time to enjoy your time, your family, your friends and pass along a little happy along the way!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!



Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

So cute! Love the lines of the table. Soft and feminine (which should be synonymous). One of my favorite pieces in my house is a large, solid wood night stand with three drawers (one velvet lined!)...found it dumped upside down on the wet grass in my neighborhood. I snatched it up pronto...though I felt really weird doing it! Lol. The top had a burn mark. I repainted it and it's a great storage piece in my sewing studio. It's beyond me why someone would throw out good furniture. (At least donate it!)

Sophisticated Steps

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jan thanks so much for your visit and I'm here to check out your cute blog. Love that table makeover! It's amazing what paint can do! hugs, Linda
(I'm following you now also)

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Good looking makeover...just right for a little tea table!!


CHERI said...

The little table is precious. Wish I had it for my granddaughter who loves tea parties:) The legs are definitely keepers. Saw your post about SOUTHERN LIVING magazine. It's my favorite too. I love it when they feature GA places & people. Now I'm off to make some of that hummingbird nectar you gave the recipe for! Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

Diann said...

That turned out so cute! Great transformation!

Rachel said...

The tea table is adorable!! My daughter would looove that.

Donna said...

I adore your table!
I am your newest follower! I saw your comment on my blog and I am so glad to meet you! So glad to meet another Alabama gal!