And the Junkin' Road Ends In...

Red Bay, Alabama, home of Tiffin Motor Homes and Allegro! Yes, that's right! The junkin' road took my friend and me to this northwest Alabama town, a stone's throw from the Mississippi state line!

Nicer people can't be found! You've heard the phrase "How can I help you?" Well all these folks really mean it! They know the meaning of customer service! And they deserve an A+!!

They even have a campground available for those waiting to have their RVs serviced. There are probably 100+ full hookup sites! And in addition there's the "outback" for all the over flow! Now I'm not saying Allegro Rvs are constantly needing work; just that the Tiffin family (all the employees are considered family! Nice, huh?!) caters to your needs when you are in town!

We chatted and swapped stories of the road with folks from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Auburn, Alabama! It was a beautiful day!

(Ooops, sorry about the dumpster!)

If you are planning to purchase a Tiffin RV, waiting for work to be completed, or just interested in how a RV is built then take the tour of the plant! Very informative and lots of fun!

Do any of you remember these tanks...

Very cool, but unfortunately gasoline prices have skyrocketed since these were operational!

RVing is a great life!  ("How about let's go tent camping?", asks my friend. "Oh no, no, no! Been there, done that, Check!!  I like my microwave, my fridge, and my queen sized bed, thank you very much!!")

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


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Gracie's Cottage said...

RV'n...something we've always wanted to try but never have. Sounds like FUN!

Thanks for stopping over - great to meet you. I've been catching up on your older posts and must say I've never heard the term "J-GRITS" before, but love it - it's perfect!