Living the Dream, Sara Evans Interview

"I was country...before country was cool..."   Yeah, that song says it all! I was raised on country music!! And I have to tell you I really love it!! Going to Nashville and visiting all the honky tonks are really lots of fun! The hubby and I wander in and out, out and in of the joints, hearing lots of up and coming musicians just waiting to break out with that one special song that will put them on the charts!  But my trip to Nashville will wait until another day...

Today I want to share with you one of my favs...Sara Evans!!  She has a recent #1 hit, "A Little Bit Stronger," which took her to the top of the country music charts for the first time in six years!  This exclusive interview is from Country Weekly magazine, July, 2011 (unfortunately I did not get an actual interview, :(  sad face   And I am in no way being compensated for using these photos or mentioning this magazine.)

Many of you will remember my post about my Butterfly Bench  
(and I am happy to say it is SOLD...happy dance)
Anywho...as I was enjoying my bench on the dock I picked up the magazine to read...

What really caught my eye was the title..."SWEET HOME ALABAMA, Sara Evans opens the doors to her new home and talks about life with seven kids and her marriage to Jay Barker---The best friend I've ever had"
(Now to me that's special because I've been married to my best friend for 38 years! So let me read on...)

The photo shoot took place at their home in Mountain Brook, just southeast of Birmingham, Alabama.

"Jay is the best friend I've ever had in my life, and he has made me a better mom and a better person.  It's the way I always dreamed it would be." says Sara.

This photo shows Sara in the poolhouse where she does most of her writing, and features many of their awards.

What enticed a talented country music star to leave the Music City to live in Alabama, you ask?? 
She met and married Jay Barker, former University of Alabama quarterback, and current radio talk show host.  Together they decided to blend the two families and live a family style life in Alabama!! And when I say blend that is exactly what they did...seven, count them, 7 children!!

An active, happy life...

Sara Evans, her blessed life in Alabama with her children and new husband...

A storybook?  I don't think so!  This couple seems REAL!!  They are just "living the dream"!!

And I can't forget to tell y'all where the junkin' road took my friend and me... to a great sale!  The couple was downsizing and really needing to unclutter!!  I found this scratched coffee table and just knew it would make the perfect bench/ottoman!

Adding foam to make the top comfortable...
Sweet little legs that I left unpainted...

Oh yeah, have I told y'all?   I just love burlap!!

Dressed in burlap, she's ready to party...
I've taken her to my spot for others to admire too!!  Someone may decide she needs to ease on down to their home!!

Have a Blessed Day!! And see ya down the junkin' road!!


Partying with Jaime...Go on over, the party's started!!

And the party is in full swing over at Savvy Southern Style with Kim...


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